Square Filter ND1000 ( glass )

The Stealth Gear Filter Square ND1000 ( glass ) is a ten stops neutral density filter that allows you to achieve special photographic effects . This filter can blur something that is in motion such as waterfalls and rivers . This is possible because you can use slower shutter speeds without your photos become overexposed. You can also use the filter for landscapes and vistas to blur people walking and driving cars . The Stealth Gear Square ND10000 Filter is made of high quality glass and is compatible with Cokin P – size filter .


Product Description


Ten stops neutral density filter
Made of high quality glass
Equipped with foam gasket to prevent light leakage
Compatible with Stealth Gear Square Filter Holder and Cokin P filter system
Comes with soft case for optimal protection


ND10 sgnd-bevestiging

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