Extreme Double bean bag Forest Green (Unfilled)

The Stealth Gear double bean bag with adjustable shoulder strap is designed to support a DSLR or telescope. The Stealth Gear double bean bag can be used in a variety of locations, in the car, on rocks, fence posts and low level photography. This double bean bag has a unique 2 in 1 removable shoulder/adjustable securing strap. This strap allows you to carry the bean bag comfortably and allows you to wrap the strap around branches, fences etc for extra support. The Stealth Gear double bean bag also features a handy pouch at the back of the bean bag, this pouch is ideal for storing lens caps, memory cards and other photography accessories. To help protect your expensive equipment they have used rubber zippers which will not scratch your equipment. The Stealth Gear double bean bag has been designed to last. It has been reinforced to reduce abrasion and has been double stitched. The Stealth Gear double bean bag can be filled with beans, rice, corn, bird food and will hold approximately 4 ½ to 5 kilos of rice. If you want a more lightweight bean bag you can fill it with polystyrene or plastic granulate.


Product Description


100% waterproof and breathable
Ideal for car doors, rocks, fence posts
Outer shell polyester sued
4 connection points for adjustable securing strap
2 connection points (front and back) are removable
2 in 1 removable adjustable carry/securing strap
Rubber zippers to protect your equipment
Accessory pouch
Reinforced to reduce abrasion and double stitched
Strap is made from Polypropylene
Dimensions External: 220mm x 220mm approx
Accessory pouch: 130mm x 150mm approx
This product is unfilled!




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