Stealth Gear Extreme Wildlife Quick Snoot Hide Extandable SGWQSNHEXT

Stealth Gear Extreme Wildlife Quick Snoot Hide Extandable SGWQSNHEXT


Product Description

Stealth Gear Extreme Wildlife Quick Snoot Hide Extandable SGWQSNHEXT

This Hide is made of a waterproof 150D « oxford » polyester, allying lightness with strengh. The Hide is delivered in a carrying bag. And this hide can be set up very fast with the Frame: Automatic system D7.9mm FG.

The Hide has a single door that can be opened and closed from inside as well as from outside with a thick and silent zipper.

A pocket is located inside in one of the four side of the Hide, it can be used to put the unused additional shutters and sleeves or some light accessories.

All of the four sides of the Hide have the same configuration of windows and opening, as described below:

A special opening to let one leg of the tripod being outside of the Hide, but also allowing taking pictures at ground level as well as using a 45° eyepiece scope for digiscoping. This opening is made of a zipper with 4 zipper puller. The 2 zippers puller in the middle creates the opening for the tripod leg, the one below creates a inverted T shape window at about 15 cm above the ground, and the one on the top a T shape window to be use with a 45° eyepiece scope being comfy sitting.

One main window where various sleeves and shutters as described below can be used to suit your needs. This window is of rectangular shape.

Every main window has two small windows (5 x10 cm) on each side to survey outside of the Hide. Each of these small windows has one shutter made of semi-transparent net and one of opaque material. These shutters can be fixed open or closed  very silently.

Another important innovation of this new Hide is the possibility to add an extension room to it. It allows to lie down inside, to spend a night or to shoot at ground level or even to create a sheltered storage room for more gears. This additional room is sold separately like the Snoot.

Size (open):

height:  1m28

length:  1m25

width:  1m12

Size (in its carrying bag):

height:  20 cm

length:  70 cm

width:  25 cm

Weight: 3,05 Kg (in its carrying bag)


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